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Ludovic Chesnay in Malaysia

Our chef Ludovic Chesnay was in Malaysia last week to provide 3 days of pastry trainings during those he realized many recipes from la Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire like the Pineapple and coriande...


The Ice Roll: a new icy trend

Dedicated spots such as 10 Below Ice Cream, in New York City, USA[1], pop-up stores as the one that opened in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris, France, for the summer[2]; culinary workshops offere...


New recipes collection for the end of year festivities !

The chefs of la Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire : Nicolas Boussin, culinary expert and Best Craftsman in France for pastry and Maxime Guérin, culinary expert, are glad to present you an exclusive Ch...

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recipe into focus Pink grapefruit foam strawberries & mint infusion


chef portrait Kenny Kong